Camp David Studio / Blue Adagio Music

Welcome to Camp David Recording and multi-media productions studio. Our studio produces the creative world of David Darling and his friends and clients. We are a professional recording and video studio. We also publish David Darling’s music and educational material through Blue Adagio Music.

In addition we are the home office and production facilty for Music For People. Our studio is a Pro Tools Hard disk systemwith a complete midi enhance facility.

We have created product internationally for major clients in all media including commercials, doucmentaries, major films, and individual artist in including poets, writers, composers,singers, and instrumentalist.

David has produced individual artist in a broad range of styles including folk, classical, jazz,blues, and ethnic music.

We are located in the quiet rural country side of northwest Connecticut in the town of Goshen at Woodridge Lake. David welcomes artist looking for a producer/player..Cellist…wanting to enhance there style with the artistry and creative world that defines David’s unique sound and style.

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